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Wall to Wall Home Services professionally cleans fine area rugs. We provide detailed rug cleaning services to fit most budgets.

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Las Vegas Fine Area Rug Cleaning Service

As most people do, we think area rugs are beautiful additions to any room. Additionally, rugs can take the strain off of hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors. Rugs, however, are usually heavily trafficked and have a lot of dirt and grime absorbed into their fibers. As a result, your rug may look old and worn after it becomes dirty very quickly.

Your home doesn’t need dirty rugs ruining its appearance! Using Wall To Wall’s area rug cleaning in Las Vegas, you can bring your rugs’ patterns and colors back to their original beauty.

Many types of oriental rugs and area rugs can be cleaned by our rug cleaning experts. Nearly any rug can be brought back to life!

Great Results with Gentle Cleaning

Area rugs and oriental rugs aren’t just treasures- they’re also good investments! It is therefore imperative that your rugs are protected and cleaned gently and with care. Wall To Wall technicians in Las Vegas have been trained to handle and clean rugs delicately. Aside from using these solutions, we also use other cleaning solutions specifically designed for area rugs.

Natural cleaning solutions make use of air, water, and carbonation from natural sources. By using our specialized drying technique, we minimize wicking and preserve the dye in the rug’s fibers. As a result, the colors of your rug will become vibrant and fresh again.

How We Clean Rugs Effectively

Our expert technicians will first evaluate your rug and then implement the most effective rug cleaning procedure for you. This process involves applying a pre-spray cleaner, gently submerging the rug in warm water, and finally drying and cleaning the fringe, depending on your rug’s specific requirements. Including delicate fringe, antique rugs, and more, we can clean all types of area rugs for you!

Almost any rug in the area can be cleaned by our rug cleaning technicians. Because we use green cleaning solutions, your rugs will remain cleaner for a longer period of time after being cleaned. Don’t forget to ask about Protectant! It can help your rugs last longer and handle daily foot traffic!

Area Rug Experts You Can Trust

The rug specialists at Wall To Wall are trained and equipped to handle any rug emergency. Whether your rug needs to be cleaned in your home or at our facility, they perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the safest and most effective method for cleaning it.

Before beginning any rug cleaning work in Las Vegas, we will provide a free, no-obligation price quote based on the type of construction material and style of the rug.


Why We’re The Best Natural Stone Restoration Service In Las Vega

We Clean Better Than Any Other Company In Clark County.
Our Services Include carpet cleaning, odor removal, and stain removal.
Carpet Cleaning Dry Times Are Just A Few Minutes, Not Days.
We Use Non-Toxic Products Safe For All.
Our Process Has a Long Lasting Guarantee.
Stains And Etching Won’t Come Back.
Over time, the brilliant brightness of your carpet or floor can be dulled, as dirt, spots, and stains can leave the surface looking less than pristine. Fortunately, after cleaning your carpet, we guarantee it will look new again.


We use an experienced cleaning system at Wall To Wall Home Service to ensure the most luxurious cleaning possible. Our methods are a safe way for us to clean your tiles, countertops, and furnishings in your home and for anyone who lives there.