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Wall to Wall Home Services is the Las Vegas tile and grout cleaning service that can help you with all of your tile cleaning and sealing needs. We provide detailed tile and grout cleaning services to fit most budgets.

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Las Vegas Tile And Grout Cleaning Service

As a Las Vegas tile cleaning service, we are proud to bring our exceptional skills to the Las Vegas community, offering our customers tile cleaning services that are reliable and affordable. We believe in providing the best possible service we can, because we know our customers are counting on us to get their tile and grout surfaces looking perfect again.

We’re a full-service tile and grout cleaning company that has been helping homeowners keep their floors looking their best for more than 30 years. We know that your tile and grout are a big investment, and that’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of tile and grout cleaning and maintenance services to suit your needs.

We guarantee to give you the highest quality cleaning for your home or commercial space.

Tile Stain Clean Up

Ink, grease, cooking oils, food and beverage spills, and mild detergents are only a few examples of stains that can collect on your tile and grout. Any stains can dry on the tile if they are not removed. This will happen if a section of the tile is left damp for an extended period of time. Detergent stains may infiltrate deeper into certain areas depending on the type of tile you have.

We Clean Many Types of Tile

Travertine is a durable and long-lasting stone floor choice, but that does not make it resistant to damage caused by climatic changes, repeated spills, paint, grease, stains, and foot traffic in the long run.

Although travertine stone is known for its durability, it is also critical that the floors be washed and maintained on a regular basis by a professional tile and grout cleaning service. This will not only maintain the pristine and elegant look of your tiles, but it will also extend the longevity of your travertine flooring. Only a tile and grout cleaning professional will know how to clean the tiles correctly and carefully with items that will not damage or respond with the stone.

Consider Wall To Wall Home Service for tile and grout cleaning if you are unable to fully clear any stains and debris from your tile floors. We’re close by, cheap, polite, and dependable. Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your consumer experience and premium cleaning service.


Why We’re The Best Natural Stone Restoration Service In Las Vega

We Clean Better Than Any Other Company In Clark County.
Our Services Include Scratch Removal, Repair, Cleaning, Polishing And Sealing.
We offer a special method that seals your natural stone from stains and scratches.
We Use Non-Toxic Products Safe For All.
Our Process Has a Long Lasting Guarantee.
Stains And Etching Won’t Come Back.
Over time, the brilliant brightness of your carpet or floor can be dulled, as dirt, spots, and stains can leave the surface looking less than pristine. Fortunately, after cleaning your carpet, we guarantee it will look new again.


We use an experienced cleaning system at Wall To Wall Home Service to ensure the most luxurious cleaning possible. Our methods are a safe way for us to clean your tiles, countertops, and furnishings in your home and for anyone who lives there.